Frequently asked questions

How do I manage WWW forwarding?

Log into the control panel with your username and password, click your domain name under My domains, and finally click the tab WWW forwarding.

In the example below, is forwarded to →  *) →  *)

As shown above, you may have to add two forwarding for your domain, one with the www prefix, and one without.

Frame forwarding

If you want the original address to remain in the address bar, you may check the checkbox for activate a so-called "frame forward". Note: Please be aware that this feature may have some unwanted side effects:

  • The target address that you are forwarding to does not allow such frame forwards, and will only display a blank page
  • The content is incorrectly displayed on mobile devices
  • Navigating on the page will not update the address bar
  • Poor search engine visibility (SEO)

For the above reasons, we discourage the use of frame forwards. Instead, use regular WWW forwardings or DNS records.



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