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How do I log into Unix shell?
If your web hotel is web Medium or larger, you will also have access to Unix shell. Connect with SSH to Username and password are the same as for FTP. If you do not have an SSH client, we recommend the following free software:

  • PuTTY: encrypted login for Windows with SSH
  • OpenSSH: encrypted shell/file transfer for Unix and MacOS

In MacOS, Linux and other unix-like systems, advanced users can log in via a terminal program (, GNOME Terminal, etc.) with the ssh command. If your username is myname, the command looks like this:


SSH fingerprint

When connecting for the first time, your SSH program will warn that you are connecting to an unknown server, and display a so-called SSH fingerprint. This fingerprint is used to verify that you have connected to the correct server. Here are our fingerprints: ( / /

Debian 9 Stretch with PHP 7.3 and 7.4.

256-bit ECDSA (SHA256): Ua7OlwiGnhV7jC1lMZr5MX/A1CTsyKsuCjfjcTullEM
256-bit ECDSA (MD5): f2:99:12:8f:46:b3:65:3d:2a:80:ef:c9:b7:9d:b1:ed
256-bit ED25519 (SHA256): IN9qRR9r3flRHrhQ6Hg+fIJuYpa+yxC1QvceruWnT94 
256-bit ED25519 (MD5): 05:1d:cc:2a:d2:e1:04:1f:8e:4b:f5:fe:a3:06:a4:0d
2048-bit RSA (SHA256): rCt+v0fMsUPUDqaUNdrgPt8dJ+HmVqXjBlM2QH91TxY
2048-bit RSA (MD5): 0f:35:cc:07:48:33:d8:9e:ce:73:0c:0a:39:de:be:b2 /

Only for SCP/SFTP, not SSH. ED25519 is not supported here.

1024-bit DSA (MD5): c1:bf:1e:6f:21:b9:65:24:92:50:b6:1a:8e:3f:d6:e0
2048-bit RSA (MD5): 6a:9d:7d:ee:e4:9a:a3:26:90:a4:b5:1c:ea:d4:d8:28
256-bit ECDSA (MD5): 63:05:c1:45:d7:9b:a0:77:80:ea:8c:d2:6b:82:4a:03
256-bit ECDSA (SHA256): M2gRi/UErYL3/ZW8oumpdZ08qx/5Do9eH5iVHwCM7KA
256-bit ECDSA (SHA256, FileZilla): M2gRi/UErYL3/ZW8oumpdZ08qx/5Do9eH5iVHwCM7KA=
2048-bit RSA (SHA256): RHq/z1yca8CXL89ZORqN6u3CovMnUo1QTEAnYNTyBxA=

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