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What is the difference between a DNS pointer and a WWW forwarding?
A DNS pointer enables you to point a sub domain (e.g. or to an IP address (e.g. or another sub domain (e.g. If a web server runs on the computer it points to, the web server must be configured to answer requests for the domain in question. Hence, you cannot point to and presume it will work. It depends on the set up of the web server running on the computer with IP address If you control the set up of the web server, you may employ an ordinary DNS pointer. If you do not control the set up (e.g. your website is located with someone offering free web services), you will have to use a WWW forwarding. A WWW forwarding lets you redirect to a sub folder on the web server, e.g. Whereas you can only use WWW forwarding for web (HTTP), DNS pointers can be used for all kind of IP services (email, FTP etc.).

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