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How do I read email with Thunderbird (POP3)?

Mozilla Thunderbird can be downloaded for free at

Here is how you configure a POP3 account in Mozilla Thunderbird against

  1. Select File | New | Mail Account... from the menu.
  2. Enter your name, email address, password, and click on "Continue".
  3. Wait until Thunderbird has finished searching, and edit the settings manually:
    • Enter the username of your email account.
    • Enter as incoming server.
    • Select POP as connection type.
    • Click on "Manual Setup...".
  4. Select "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" from the left side panel.
    • Description is optional.
    • Enter as server name.
    • Change port to 587.
    • Select STARTTLS as connection security.
    • Select "Normal password" as authentication method, and enter the username of your email account.

The examples below illustrate how you would setup a POP3-account for John Smith, with the email address, and username example1.

Click on "Manual Setup...".

Note! Many ISPs block port 25. Use port 587 instead!

Select STARTTLS or SSL/TLS for a secure, encrypted connection to the SMTP-server.



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