Frequently asked questions

What is Domainnameshop's email server (MX)?

If you use external nameservers, but wish to use Domainnameshop's email services for your domain, you need to set up an "MX record" in the DNS for the domain which points to Domainnameshop's email servers. This is done by logging in to the control panel at the external DNS/nameserver provider, and adding the following MX record for the domain:


Contact your DNS provider if you are unsure about how this is done.

There should not be other MX records for the domain. If you are asked to fill in a value for "Priority", you can set this to f.eks. 0 or 10. Priority has no effect unless there are multiple MX records.

Note: you may see an error message about this in our control panel for a short period after you have update DNS, because DNS changes may take a while. Your DNS provider can answer how long you should expect to wait.

External spam filter

The same applies if you are using an external email server for filtering spam, which then forwards email to our email accounts. If so, the server that performs the filtering must be configured to forward the filtered email to our email server, as specified above.



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