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How do I read email with Windows 8?

The email-client included with Windows 8.1 is known as an app or application. You start the application by clickling the top left icon when using Windows 8.1 in app mode.

OBS! If you're using Windows 8.0, we recommend that you upgrade to 8.1. It's a free upgrade which can be downloaded from Windows Store. Windows Mail App sadly lacks support for IDN (domains with æ, ø, å and other national characters). You can read more about which email-clients we know that support national characters in domains here.

To add the email-account you have with Domainnameshop, choose "View all in settings" as displayed in the image.

Choose "Other account" to the right.

Choose "IMAP" as the account type.

Add your email-address and password. Then click "Show more settings".

Click "Connect".

The setup is complete.

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