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How do I see the webhotel's error_log?
We do not permit access to the webserver's (Apache) error_log, due to security concerns.

We have prepared a list of the most common error situations, please use that list and check if your error is resolved by correcting one or several of the points listed there.

To identify the source of your error/bug, please follow common debugging guidelines for your code, including but not limited to adding your own debugging markers, adding error handling and error logging.

Please remember to empty your custom logfiles regularly.

See also our answer regarding debugging and error handling in PHP.

In special cases, we can perform a manual search in the webserver's error_log. Please do not request such manual searches without checking whether the error is caused by common error situations, manual searches are time and resource consuming.

We only send such information to the domain's administrator. Therefore, please log in before using "Contact us", so we see that the request comes from the domain administrator. This saves time for both you and us.

To search for errors, we need the following information as a minimum:

  • Which webhotel the error occurs with
  • The time/time period the error occurred - limited to day and hour, we do not perform searches for longer periods of time
  • Which IP address was used when the error occurred

Without all this information, we cannot perform the search.

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