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How do I create sub domains?
If you have registered the domain and want to create subdomains, e.g., or, you can do this with a DNS pointer or WWW forwarding. Which one you use depends on where you want to point your subdomain:

  • Use WWW forwarding if you want to point to a URL, e.g or http://www.anotherwebserver.example/username/ .
  • Use DNS pointer if you want to point the sub domain directly to an external web servers IP-address or name.

If you wish to change a DNS pointer to WWW forwarding or vice versa, you need to delete the DNS pointer (or WWW forwarding) first.

Web hotel customers only: is already a DNS pointer to the web server hosting your web hotel. You cannot delete this one directly, but if you create your own DNS pointer or WWW forwarding for, that substitutes the existing pointer.

You can also use the WWW forwarding feature to create a real Apache VirtualHost for your subdomain. You will need to create a directory in your web space, e.g. /home/2/e/example/www/subdomain/. Then you enter a WWW forwarding from to (the last part is identical to the part of the directory name following "www"), and check the checkbox before adding the link.

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