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Can two or more domains share a web hotel?

Yes. If so, you will need web hotel for one domain (the main domain) and DNS and www forwarding for each of the other domains, for example:

  • Web hotel:
  • DNS/forwarding:
  • DNS/forwarding:

In the control panel for, set up a www forwarding like this:

  • →

And then add a similar www forwarding for

  • →

Next, create two folders example2 and example3 on the web hotel (under the www-folder), and place the files for and in these folders.

  • www
    • example2
    • example3

A virtual host, as opposed to a normal forwarding, is created if you have checked the boxes to the right of each www forwarding. Users who visit your web pages will not be able to tell the difference. It will look like three independent web hotels.

Furthermore, setting it up this way is a lot cheaper than buying three separate web hotels. All you need is one web hotel that is large enough to store files for all three domains, and then you only need the DNS and www forwarding service for the other two domains.

If you want to direct all three domains to the same web page, simply set up the www forwardings directly to Then you will not need to create the example2 and example3 subfolders.

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