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Are there any MySQL resource usage limits?

Limits listed below are automatically enforced by the MySQL server. The limits are there to prevent single users/customers from over-loading MySQL for other customers, and we do not reset these manually.

  • Space: limited by the size of your web hotel (sum of web pages and database)
  • max_user_connections: 500
    There is a maximum of 500 simultaneous connections
  • max_connections_per_hour: 36,000
    There is a maximum of 36,000 new connections per hour
  • max_updates_per_hour: 36,000
    There is a maximum of 36,000 changes in data, tables or database per hour
  • max_queries_per_hour: 360,000
    There is a maximum of 360,000 queries or commands per hour

Limits per hour are based on the number of relevant commands sent within the past hour. Example: if you reach the limit within five minutes, you must wait for around 55 minutes before it's possible to perform the same type of command again. See also the MySQL documentation for more information.

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