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Are there any MySQL resource usage limits?

Limits listed below are automatically enforced by the MySQL server. The limits are there to prevent single users/customers from over-loading MySQL for other customers, and we do not reset these manually.

MariaDB and Percona are MySQL variant, and can be used by nearly all software that can use MySQL.

All database servers offer encrypted connections ("SSL") with minimum TLS v1.2.

  1. Storage space
  2. MySQL limits
  3. Explanations of each maximum limit
  4. Connection limits

1. Storage space

Storage space is limited by the size of your web hosting package, and is counted as the sum of files and databases, including metadata/indexes. Example: if you have 10 GB web hosting, and use 6 GB for files, you may only use 4 GB for databases.

2. MySQL limits

If these limits are exceeded, the MySQL server will reject further logins/queries.

LimitFrom WebhotelExternal
max_connections_per_hour36 000
max_updates_per_hour100 00072 000
max_questions (max_queries_per_hour)1 000 000360 000

See below for brief explanations of each limit. Connections from webservers means from websites hosted on our webservers. External connections are all connections that are not made via IPv6 from our webservers.

Limits per hour are based on the number of relevant commands sent within the past hour. Example: if you reach the limit within five minutes, you must wait for around 55 minutes before it's possible to perform the same type of command again. See also the MySQL documentation for more information.

3. Explanations of each maximum limit

the number of simultaneous connections
the number of connections per hour
the number of changes in data, tables or database per hour
max_questions (max_queries_per_hour)
the number of queries or commands per hour

4. Connection limits

If these limits are exceeded, the MySQL server will reject further connections.

LimitFrom WebhotelExternal
Connections per timeSee MySQL limits5/5 sec
15/50 sec
50/300 sec

If you e.g. from an external IP address attempt to connect 6 times within 5 seconds, the 6th connection will be refused. The error message may look like "connection refused" or "unable to connect to remote host", depending on what software you use to connect.

"External" connections are all connections that are not made from our IPv6 addresses. IPv6 is the default for communication from websites hosted by us, unless IPv6 is unavailable for the target service.

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