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How do I publish web pages with SmartFTP?
SmartFTP is merely an FTP program. It is free for private, non-commercial use, and you can download it from

These screenshots are taken from SmartFTP version 1.1, but can be used for later versions as well. If you use version 1.5 and encounter problems, click here.

Screenshots of SmartFTP:

SmartFTP step 1

Transferring of files:

  1. Open a connection to the website: Enter and your FTP username and FTP password as shown in the above screenshot, see the red arrows. If the window does not appear by itself, go to "FTP | Connect" from the menu.
  2. Open a window to your own computer by choosing "FTP | Local browser" (or "File | Local browser" for version 2.0) from the menu. See screenshot below.
  3. To view both windows, the website and your computer, click on the icon by the red arrow in the screenshot below. If you view more than two windows, close the windows not needed and click on the icon again.
  4. You can now copy files from your computer to the website by selecting them with the mouse and drag them over to the other window.
  5. You can copy both ways; both from your computer to the website and from the website to your computer.
  6. Note! If your website is created after May 2004, the files must be located in a directory named www. If you have deleted this directory, you must recreate it. Websites created before May 2004, do not have a www directory.
    If there is any doubt whether you must have a www directory or not;
    • Log in at
    • Click on the domain name with web hosting
    • Go to "Manage web hosting" to the right on the page
    • Go to "More info" to the right of "FTP"
    • If you need a www directory, "www/" is displayed under "Directory". If you do not need one, only "/" is displayed.
SmartFTP step 2

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