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What is a nameserver and why do I need it?
A nameserver is a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet and translates domain names into IP addresses (or vice versa), enabling you to enter instead of When registering a domain name, you will need (at least) two nameservers configured to handle requests for the domain name in question. When registering a domain name at, you can choose to:
  1. Use our nameservers. This is free of charge, i.e. there is no additional cost except the price of the domain itself. You will then get access to DNS and www forwarding, and everything is managed through the control panel on our webpages. If you want DNS and www forwarding through us, then choose this option in step 2 of the registration process. (The email and web hosting alternatives also include DNS and www forwarding.)
  2. Configure the nameservers yourself. This requires access to two computers permanently connected to the Internet (fixed IP addresses), and technical know-how about setting up and configuring the nameservers. We recommend that you employ BIND, which is the most common nameserver software in use. If you want this alternative, please tick the checkbox for own nameservers in step 2 of the registration process.

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