Our email service includes 20 email accounts and unlimited number of email addresses (aliases). The email addresses you create can be pointed to one or more of your email accounts and/or forwarded to external email addresses. All email passing through our mail servers are automatically filtered for spam and scanned for viruses. Note! The email service does not include disk space for web pages. If you need this, you should order a web hosting instead. The same applies if you need more than 20 email accounts.



per month

20 email accounts

15 GB per email account



 Spam filter

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All prices are in USD excl. VAT and are for customers outside Norway only. Private individuals in EU must add VAT. Prices are updated monthly based on current exchange rates. In addition to the cost of the email service, you will be paying the yearly fee of the domain itself (example: $10.99/yr for .no domains; see our complete price list).

Number of email accounts20
Disk space per email account15 GB
Unlimited number of email addresses
Unlimited number of DNS records
Unlimited number of www forwardings
Servers in Europe
POP3 / IMAP / Webmail
Custom email filtering (Sieve)
Invoice interval (months)12

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