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2017-03-03 16:28: PHP 5.6 - self-controlled upgrade available
This afternoon, we have emailed webhotel customers on our PHP 5.5 platform, with the following information:

You may now upgrade to a new server with PHP 5.6, via our control panel.

The new servers have a newer operating system (Debian Jessie). Even if you don't use PHP, you may experience differences.

In our experience, this upgrade is problem free for most customers. We do not alter any files, folders, or databases. We only change the webserver serving your website(s). The exception is if you have your own php.ini file, please read this point here.

If you experience problems, which may cause a "blank" front page or a "server error", or you are in doubt, check the documentation for your software, and please look at our PHP 5.6 information page here.

If you want to manage the server upgrade, login, select your domainname, enter the webhotel tab, and select "Upgrade to PHP 5.6". You may change your mind and downgrade to PHP 5.5 up to two weeks after you upgraded. This downgrade option will be disabled on 15 April 2017.

If you are using external DNS/nameservers, and depend on a static IP address for the webhotel, follow our instructions here.

Later this spring, we will upgrade all customers to new servers, and the old servers with PHP 5.5 will be decommissioned.

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