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Why does not my WWW forwarding work?

There may be several reasons why a WWW forwarding does not work. Take a closer look at these issues:

  1. It might take one hour from the change is made to it is visible. If you recently created or changed a WWW forwarding, be patient and try again later.
  2. Double-check that the address forwarded to is actually working. If it does not, no wonder why no page is displayed.
  3. If you want to forward both with and without the "www" in front, you will have to create two separate WWW forwardings. A common mistake is to assume that a forwarding without "www" automatically adds one with the "www" as well.
  4. In general, you should forward to an address that is a directory, not a file. If you do not, forwarding of sub pages will not work. Hence, you should preferably add the forwarding -> instead of ->, as long as it is possible.
  5. If you forward to a directory, remember to add the character "/" at the end of the address. Forwarding of sub pages will not work otherwise. In other words, for the forwarding -> to work, you need to forward to instead of
  6. If you checked the checkbox leaving the original address in the address bar, it is often harder to errror check the problem in case the forwarding is not behaving as intended. If the pages forwarded to contains special HTML codes that manipulate the frame structure on the page, the forwarding might not work. Try to uncheck the checkbox and wait one hour.
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