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My domain is parked with Domainnameshop. Why?
The most common reasons are:
  1. You have DNS and www forwarding through us, but you have not yet set up any DNS pointers or WWW forwardings. Log in at with your username and password and go to "Manage DNS" or "Manage WWW forwarding".
  2. The domain is recently registered or transferred, and thus the website is not yet created. Wait one hour and try again.
  3. The files must be located in a folder named www. If you have deleted this folder, you must recreate it.
  4. Our server encountered a temporary error. Wait 5 minutes and try again. You may also see our network status.
  5. You have created your own DNS record pointing to what you believe is the webhotel's IP address. Our systems automatically create the correct DNS records if you haven't defined the IP address yourself, or if you use WWW forwarding. Remove the DNS pointer you created and wait 1-2 hours.
  6. You are using external name servers, and your website has been moved to another webserver, e.g. when upgrading from Web hosting Starter to Medium. You must update the IP address for your webhotel with your DNS provider. You can find the new IP address by logging on to our secure web pages like this: select your domain name from the list, click on Webhotel in the top menu.
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