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May I send marketing, information, newsletters etc. via e-mail?
Yes, but only under certain conditions, so that your message will not be classified as spam, and to avoid overloading our servers.

Domainnameshop does not permit spam in any form, and if a customer violates this condition, the contract will be terminated and the customer must find another vendor.

a) Norwegian law

Norwegian law does not permit, without the recipient's prior consent, electronic marketing (including e-mail) to natural persons (Markedsføringsloven §15), and there are also strict requirements for information (Ehandelsloven §9). I addition, there are requirements regarding informed consent and handling of personal data in Personopplysningsloven and GDPR.

b) Domainnameshop's terms of service

Domainnameshop's terms of service and AUP (acceptable use policy) is even stricter, and does not permit e-mails to other addresses (including companies' official contact points) without prior consent.

The technical requirements below must also be satisfied.

Guidelines for marketing

The Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman has a set of guidelines for e-mail marketing (Norwegian text only), as well as an English guide to marketing legislation, and Spamhaus has a very informative whitepaper about the distinction between spam and legitimate bulk e-mail here.


In brief, you can only send e-mail with marketing material, information, newsletters, etc. to:

  • your existing customers
  • recipients who explicitly have requested marketing/information via e-mail from you

For Domainnameshop customers these requirements hold, whether the recipient's e-mail address is a personal address (natural person) or a non-personal, business address, or any other kind of address.

We recommend that all subscriptions are logged, in case of complaints. The logging should, at a minimum, contain the source/method of subscription, full date, time of day, and IP address (if applicable) for each subscription.

If you have acquired or purchased an address list from someone else, you may not send to these addresses.

2. Technical requirements

Use the correct mailserver

Information, marketing, newsletters etc. must not be send via or, these are servers for personal use. Instead, use the local mailserver (SMTP) for the software/server handling the mailing list.

If you send your messages from an office or home network, use the relevant ISP's mailservers (but not or If you send your messages from a webserver, use the webserver's mailserver.


The sender must be an e-mail address belonging to a domain with e-mail service through us.

Low sending rate

Mass/bulk messaging from our webservers must happen at a low rate, so that e-mail servers are not overloaded, and that unnecessary delays are avoided. Thousands of customers will be using the same e-mail servers, and therefore mass/bulk messaging cannot be immediate, but must be distributed over time.

See here for info about technical sending rate limits for web hosting.

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