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I have transferred my domain to Domainnameshop. Why is my former provider still invoicing me?
First of all, make sure the domain is actually transferred to Domainnameshop. The transfer is completed if you have received a transfer confirmation email from us. You can also check in WHOIS, ensuring contact information and nameservers are changed. Although your former provider has been notified upon transfer of your domain, you may end up having to pay for it with them as well; many providers present a longterm agreement and/or require you to notice them (usually) 30 days prior to the agreement expiry date. Therefore, contact your former provider to make sure they have received your termination notice and that your account with them is settled in full.

Note! If you have registrar service with us, you have to see to that the WHOIS information is updated, e.g. your domain is no longer pointing to the nameservers of your former provider and the former provider is no longer the billing contact of your domain. In case you have not updated this information, your former provider may have expenses related to your domain, and they might continue invoicing you, though you do not use their services anymore. Therefore, send your former provider a termination agreement notice and update the WHOIS information upon transfer to us.

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