Frequently asked questions


Why do I receive an invoice for a domain that expires in two months?
The reason why we invoice you this early, is for us to possibly send you reminders in due time before the domain expires. Unfortunately, as many customers pay late, we have to invoice you this early. If the invoice regards a renewal of a .com/.org/.net/.biz/.info domain and we receive the payment after the domain has expired, the domain is deactived and email and web stop working. If the payment is very late, you can also risk the domain going into REDEMPTION PERIOD. If so, you will have to pay USD $45.99 to reactive your domain. This is the reason why we invoice you as early as two months in advance. We want the customers to have time to pay the invoice before the domain expiry date, or possibly time to cancel their domain if they do not want to renew it. We do not want any of our customers to loose their domains because they missed the first invoice notification.
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