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How do I avoid spam?
So-called spam, junk mail or unsolicited email, is an increasing problem on the Internet. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof method of sorting out spam from other email. The best way of avoiding spam, is to be careful about distributing your email address. You should, for example, avoid entering your email address on a website. There are programs that automatically search web pages for new email addresses.

What if someone, one way or another, gets hold of my email address and sends an email to it?

Most email clients have the possibility of filtering messages fitting specified criterias. You may e.g. put email from approved sender addresses in one folder and the rest in another folder. This works pretty well if you normally receive email from few people, but not if you receive email from many people and/or you are a member of several mailing lists.

What does Domainnameshop do to prevent spam from reaching me?

We are using blacklists, primarily from Spamhaus og Some mail servers are therefore completely locked out of our network.

Additionally, our mail servers use the SpamAssassin spam filter.

SpamAssassin identifies spam by using lists of known spam servers and analysing the email message, and then handles it as follows:

  1. If SpamAssassin has ascertained that it is a spam message, the message is rejected. Between 75% and 90% of all messages are ascertained as spam.
  2. If SpamAssassin is quite certain that the message is spam, the message is received, but classified as spam with a specific email header.
  3. If SpamAssassin does not consider a message as spam, the message is received, and it is not classified as spam.

SpamAssassin does a good job, and manages to identify and classify approximately 90% of the spam that isn't already rejected. There are very few false positives, and almost no legitimate email is rejected.

How can I take advantage of SpamAssassins classification of spam?

In order to make use of SpamAssassin's classification, you have to configure your email client to filter all messages with the header "X-Spam-Flag: YES". Let your email client move these to a folder called "spam". Check this folder once a week to ensure that you do not miss legitimate emails. This filtering to the Spam folder is off by default in our webmail. You may turn it on under "Properties" ("Innstillinger" in the Norwegian version).

In addition to "X-Spam-Flag", all emails checked by SpamAssassin have two email headers. You can use these for more advanced filtering. "X-Spam-Status" lets you know the same as "X-Spam-Flag", but it also adds a score for the message, which is how certain SpamAssassin was that the message is spam or not. When the score is 5 or higher, "X-Spam-Flag: YES" is added. Messages with 10 or higher in score are rejected by our servers, and you will not receive these in your inbox. The other header is "X-Spam-Report", and reveals (by use of SpamAssassin's codes) which rules were employed when score rating the message.

Automatic filtering of probable spam

For messages with a spamscore of 5 or higher, you may enable automatic filtering to a separate Spam folder. To enable this feature, you need to log in to our webmail, please see our separate instructions.

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