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How can i administer virtual hosts on my web hosting?

You can create multiple virtual hosts on our web hosting platform. You can add sub domains, other domains registered with Dominnameshop, or domains registered with other registrars.

Configuring virtual hosts

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click My domains
  3. Click the domain name you use for web hosting
  4. Click the tab Web hosting
  5. Click Virtual hosts
  6. In Host name type in the host name you want the virtual host to respond to, for example,and in Folder type in the folder on the web hosting you want the virtual host to point to, for example www

    NOTE: If you want to point to a folder within the www-folder, you need to add: www/foldername

    In this example we are pointing the host names and to the folder www.

    Host name Folder -> -> 
  7. Depending on whether the domain you want to connect to is in your account, another account or with an external provider, you may need to take several steps:

    Domain is on the same account

    If the virtual host is on a domain that is in the same account as the web hosting, you don't need to do anything else. The host name(s) on the domain will automatically point to the virtual host in the web hosting.

    The domain is in another account in Domainnameshop

    If he host name is not in the same account as the web hosting, you are provided with a TXT-record that the administrator of that domain must add in DNS for the domain:

    When the TXT-record is added to DNS, click Check DNS Now or the Check button for the current virtual host(shown as ).

    The domain is using external DNS-provider

    If you have set up a virtual host on a domain that does not use Domainnameshop's name servers, you will get a TXT record that must be entered in DNS for that domain.

    Log in to your DNS provider and add the TXT-record. You must also enter an A-record and / or AAAA record for the webhotel's IP addresse(s). Once you've made changes to DNS with your provider, click Check DNS Now or the Check button for the current virtual host (shown as ).

    Since the domain name is not using Domainnameshop's, the following message will be displayed:

    To activate the virtual host for this web hotel, create the following record(s) in DNS: IN A IN AAAA 2a01:5b40:0:4a01::f726:fa7a:5847 IN TXT  "domainnameshop-verification=qq3suhXjhSujKcgqhHXpF4gr9uVwcXmT"
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