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Why do I have to change my FTP password once a year?
Domain Shop has nearly 50,000 web hosting customers, each with its own FTP user and associated password. Most of our customers are certainly good at making sure that unauthorized users do not get their FTP password, yet we see almost daily examples of FTP accounts being abused in automated attacks against our servers in trying to spread viruses , Trojans and other malicious software.

In such cases, the FTP user name and password has been rejected, for example. by one of our customers having a virus or security hole on their computer so that the login information has been snapped up and sent to criminals who collect on such passwords and save them for future use or share them with other criminals. An FTP password in the hands of criminals can cause serious harm to both users who infect their web pages (often without being aware of it themselves), all users who visit these webpages, and other users on the same web server that can experience reduced performance or other problems with their web pages as a result of the attack.

Since Domeneshop does not have the prerequisites to know which of our customers are always regular about running software updates and updating their antivirus programs, we've determined that ALL our customers must change their FTP password at least once in year. We regret that this creates some extra trouble and may seem unnecessary for those of our customers who are always careful about security, but unfortunately we have no other choice since this issue has increased so far in recent years.

When it's been over a year since you last changed your FTP password with us, you will receive an automatic reminder from us by email that it's time to change your password. If you do not do this within a month, we will automatically change the password for you.

In addition, we recommend all our customers that you regularly change all of their passwords with us, whether it concerns FTP, email or login in the control panel.

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