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Solutions to common problems with IMAP
Here are some solutions to common problems with IMAP:

Outlook does not show other email folders than the inbox
You have to subscribe to other folders. Choose Tools/Tools from the menu and then IMAP folders.... Choose the folders you want to see.

Outlook looses the connection to the POP or IMAP server
The Outlook default setting makes the program give up too fast. Choose Tools from the menu and then E-mail Accounts. Choose the account you want to make changes to. Click More Settings and choose the Advanced tag. Set Server Timeout to maximum.

The server is not responding, it times out
The IMAP server has a limit of 100 simultaneous connections from the same IP address. If you are sitting in an office in which many pc's are sharing the same Internet connection and several people read email via, you all share these 100 connections. Keep in mind that an email program may use several simultaneous connections, e.g. when subscribed to synchronizing/monitoring folders. Such synchronizing/monitoring should be turned off. The problem may also occur if you are all checking email frequently. Try to set the interval to 5 minutes or more, depending on your need.

I cannot create a folder containing a punctuation
Our IMAP server does not allow folder containing a punctuation.

I cannot get the "Root folder path"
On our IMAP server, the "Root folder path" (Eudora: IMAP Mailbox Location Prefix, Thunderbird: IMAP Server Directory) must be set to INBOX.

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